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Hum Kuch Bhi Kehte Hai And Jo Nahi Kehte Woh Toh Hum Definitely Karte Hai !!

We Are Your That Friend, You Love A lot, But Never Introduce To Your Parents.

Apni taarif mein qa Kahe…!! – We have loads to share in truth though. We are a bit rowdy, our thoughts are rebellious by nature, we don’t share food like Joey, we waste a lot of time trying to think of things that will never happen for example going out for a date with a pretty girl, we talk a lot and itne logo se gaali khayi apne rone k liye ki we realized something. Bhai people stopped listening to our bakwass… Koi attention hi nahi de raa hame.  We started making posters. Ab karalo muh bandh hamara!! Ab tumhari aankho k samne tandav karenge hum!!!
But sach bole toh yaar this is our way of expression. We want to spread some smiles and laugh at the stupidities we are about to do toh thora support kardo. Bheek Nahi mang rahe bhai who toh ghar jaake baap se mangna padega agar tum logo ne support nahi kiya toh.


We don’t take anything seriously. I know you might wonder what about my order?? Well besides your order we take everything as joke. What about services? Well yeah besides our customer services we take everything as joke. What about after sale service?? Bhai Maaf kar de kuch likhna tha idhar hm serious hai sab chiz ko leke ab rulayega qa???


We are confident ki kuch toh ukhaad hi lenge. We know we are a bit childish but we prefer to be ourselves and act out rather than be mature and bore. You will love us coz you do have any other option LOLs!!!


We love what we do. From insulting your friends on your behalf or insulting ourselves to spread a smile. Love and smile go hand in hand. Humor and love are the epitomes of our work.


Bhai pakki baat hume teri order ki kadar hai. We will provide you the best service possible but only between office hours. Baaki time hum tulli hoke naye kand sochne mein busy rahenge.

Get Best Offers On Customized Designs!

Upcoming apparels, mugs, mouse pads and other stuff at Affordable Price real soon!

This is upcoming but we have started on a small scale. Lakdi wali scale pe mast hearts bana rahe abhi apne. We will start making it on other products soon. Pata nahi idhar kisne dalne bola.

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01. What is Gatmos? What does it mean?

We needed some tag to start selling stuff right?? But hum admi ulte hai so we created GAT MOS. “He He was a nice drink”

02. Dude looking at your website my vibes are all messed up

Bro don’t worry!! Teri kasam hum reliable hai. We wont scam you pakka promise. Paisa lenge toh maal denge re. Agar issue hoga to we will replace it also. But don’t be angry with us yaar bhai hai hum tere. Dekh agar kand nahi hua toh pata kaise chal I am your best friend….

03. Bro custom print kara dega qa?

Karwa denge yaar!! Itni pyaar se bolega jaan bhi hazir hai. Just tell me re what you wanna get done. Teri liye ladki bhi bhaga lenge

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